Action Default Key Notes
Move Forward Controls Up
Move Backward Controls Down
Strafe Left Controls Left
Strafe Right Controls Right
Run Controls Press
Jump Controls
Crouch Controls Press
Prone Controls Long Press
Toogle Sprint Controls Press
Hold To Walk
Turn Right
Turn Left
Look Up
Look Down
Toggle Selfie Camera
Toggle Orbit Camera
Zoom Camera In (First Person Mode) Hold Controls and Controls to '10'*
Zoom Camera Out (Third Person Mode) Hold Controls and Controls
Toggle Fists Controls + Controls
Fire Controls
Iron Sights / Alternative Fire Controls
Block Controls+Controls or Controls Controls+ControlsControls Left right or both block
Reload Controls Also toggles combat mode
Melee Special Attack / Pistol Whip Controls+Controls or Controls
Toggle Weapon Attachment Tap Controls Twice
Items and Inventory
Use Controls
Your Inventory Controls
Access Target Inventory Controls
Transfer Stack Controls Hold
Transfer Half-Stack Controls + Controls Hold
Transfer Half-Stack Tap Controls Twice
Drop Item Controls
Detailed Info Toggle Controls
Craft Slot Item (Modifier)
Place Object Controls Once Outline Is Blue Controls
Cycle Object Type
Cycle Snap Points Controls
Toggle Chatbox Autohide Accessible in Options
Local Chat Controls + Controls
Company Chat Controls + Controls
Push To Talk
Hold to Yell
Hold to Whisper
Whistle Selection Hold Controls
Whistle "All Move To"
Whistle "All Aggressive"
Whistle "All Follow Me" Hold Controls + Controls to '12'*
Whistle "All Stay Put" Hold Controls + Controls to '2'*
Whistle "You Follow Me"
Whistle "You Stay Put"
Whistle "Attack My Target" Hold Controls + Controls to '4'*
Whistle "All Neutral" Hold Controls + Controls to '5'*)
Whistle "All Passive"
Whistle "Attack This Target" Hold Controls + Controls to '7'*
Show Feats
Use Feat 1
Use Feat 2
Use Feat 3
Use Feat 4
Use Feat 5
Use Feat 6
Use Feat 7
Use Feat 8
Use Feat 9
Use Feat 10
Drag Body Controls
Map ControlsOR HoldControls + Controls to '10'*
Emote Hold Controls + Controls to '9'*