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Wood Wall Hook
Wood Wallhook.png
Type Structure
Added in v1.0
Spawn Command
Crafted in Smithy.png Smithy
Resources breakdown
3 × Flint.png Flint
4 × Tin.png Metal
8 × Thatch.png Thatch
12 × Wood.png Wood

Wood Wall Hook is a building part in ATLAS.

You can hang hats, heads, lanterns, torches (and probably more) on this.

While a hat is placed on the hook there is an option to change the sex of the item between male and female.

To place a head, a player must sit in the guillotine. When you behead another player, the game will remember their facial appearance and hairstyle, which can be used as decoration on wall hooks (on gunmounts too)!

To hang a lantern, open the hook's single slot inventory and transfer a lantern to it. You will get the option to turn off and on the lantern from the [E] menu.