Water Pipe System
Water Pipe System.png
Use t to change the type.
Type Structure
Fuel Water
Weight 6.0
Added in v1.0
Spawn Command
cheat GFI Pipe_Water_Stone 1 0 0
Skill Tree Basic Farming
Crafted in Smithy.png Smithy
Resources breakdown
3 × Tin.png Metal
14 × Stone.png Stone


Water Pipe System is a structure in ATLAS that provides a means of transporting Water. When water is required (e.g. by drinking from a tap), water is drawn through a system of connected pipes.


There are five models of Water Pipe System that may be cycled between using the T key. Each model serves a particular function.

Underground Water Pipe[]

Underground Water Pipes serve to bring Water from lakes to Crop Plots and reservoirs. They must be placed in or near a fresh water source such as a lake or river. Note that at the time of writing, the animated water of most rivers is not actually a water source. When positioned in a valid location, the placement ghost image will change from orange to blue and the words "Water Source" will appear in large blue letters on the player's screen. The following illustration shows an Underground Water Pipe before and after placement.

Underground pipe placement.png

Underground water pipes do not have an inventory and cannot be drunk from.

Straight Water Pipes, Irrigated Water Pipes and Water Taps will connect directly to an Underground Water Pipe for transport of water over short distances.

Additional Underground Water Pipes may be placed up to 12 foundations away, allowing for transport of water over longer distances. Additional underground pipes may be placed on areas without water if connected to a pipe that contains water. A dark blue line will be displayed to indicate a valid connection. In some circumstances, the connection line will be yellow. The significance of the yellow line is unknown.

Water pipe connection lines.png

Straight Water Pipe[]

Used to connect pipes, taps and Water Reservoirs. Straight pipes cannot be placed independently. They must be snapped to reservoirs or other pipes. Depending on the direction the player is looking, pipes will change direction. Straight pipes may be placed horizontally, vertically or on an incline.

Water Tap[]

Used to fill Waterskins & Water Jars and provide drinking water. Taps cannot be placed independently. They must be snapped to Water Reservoirs or other pipes. Water Taps will snap to either end of a Straight Water Pipe, or to the midpoint. Taps will snap to an Underground Water Pipe but they're quite small in comparison so may be hard to notice.

Water tap placement.png

Irrigated Water Pipe[]

Used to provide water to Crop Plots. Recognizable by five small spouts on the underside of the pipe.

Indoor Water Pipe[]

The Indoor Water Pipe snaps to Floors and Underground Water Pipes. It is used to bring water into a building, which is then transported to taps and crop plots using regular pipes. As with the Underground Water Pipe, valid connections are indicated with dark blue lines.

Indoor water pipe placement.png

Indoor Water Pipes will not connect to other Indoor Water Pipes. If water is needed in multiple locations, Straight Water Pipes or additional Underground Water Pipes may be needed.

Straight Water Pipes connected to the Indoor Water Pipe are positioned to run along the edges of the floor, as illustrated below.

Straight indoor pipe placement.png


Example installation of Water Pipe System connecting Water Reservoirs to Irrigated Water Pipes via Straight Water Pipes.

Water pipe system example.jpg