Water Barrel

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Water Barrel
Stores up to 4000 water.
Type Structure
Health 8,000
Item slots 2
Weight 75-195
Stack size 1
Added in v1.0
Spawn Command
cheat GFI waterbarrel 1 0 0
Skill Tree Cooking
Crafted in Smithy.png Smithy
Resources breakdown
25 × Cotton.png Fibers
5 × Tin.png Metal
60 × Wood.png Wood

Usage[edit | edit source]

A structure in Atlas that holds 4000 water. You can drink straight out of a Water Barrel or you can also fill Waterskins & Water Jars.

The usage of the barrel got changed multiple times, at 102.46 a full health barrel can be picked up. It still holds its water then. So now it can be used to transport huge amounts of water to different places.

Filling[edit | edit source]

Water Barrels can be filled with Waterskins & Water Jars at Fresh Water Pools or can be filled by rain but only if the lid is open while it's raining.

Beware, if you keep the lid open, the water will evaporate away slowly.

To craft a water barrel you need to learn the Cooking Skill Tree and Water Storage Skill

Can be crafted at Smithy for:

Patch History[edit | edit source]

Patch Notes
18.84 Water Barrel now has a base weight of 75. It can hold 6000 water (previously was 500). For every 1000 water, it will add 20 weight. This means the lightest it will be is 75, and the maximum weight will be 195.