Vitamin A


HUD Text: '

Info: Vitamin A in ATLAS will be a positive and sometimes a negative buff. If you vitamin A level is alright you could get the Equilibrium. The state of your Vitamin A levels are denoted by these symbols, from very high to very low (L-R).

Effects: In time you eat or drink too much of Food with vitamin A you will get the same debuff like you eat not enough of this vitamin. When you eat too much or to less vitamin A your sign will get green and very dark for a few seconds. You will get some damage too. You get hurt every second with 1 Health Point left, eventually you could die

Vectors: -1 HP per second

Cure: You need to get Overheating to get damage or fight with Creatures, hit tree or something else to reduce your health to trigger the health generation. When the health regain you lower your Water and food. When you get the state Overheating your water will reduce too use Forge, Campfire, Torch or Grill to recive the state.

Notes: Food is categorized in four nutrition categories. Nutrition The key will show you detailed information about your current nutrition state. It is mandatory to distribute your vitamins and not to eat the same food all time. In case that one of your vitamins is either overfilled or empty, you will receive negative character effects (debuff). Normal found consumables are giving close to no food or water. This means processed food is from a higher quality. Depending on the kind of food you want to process, you can use on of the following Cooking Stations.