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Upgrading a crafted Item[]

An Item crafted from Blueprints can (often) be upgraded, excluded are stacking (Building) Items and other mass-crafts like Cannon.

  • The item has to be placed in the correct crafting location (e.g. Smithy).
  • Gold Coin are added to the required materials (quality as same as for the craft, so 1-6x, not quantity tho).
  • Each consecutive upgrade becomes more expensive.
  • Only one parameter can be chosen per upgrade.
  • The maximal number of upgrades is displayed on the Blueprint and the crafted item itself, on the item it also says the number of already applied updates.
  • The increase is a percentage (3-10%), which differ for Item type and parameter (like Durability, %damage etc., see Upgrade percentages below.
  • This percentage is then applied to the value of the parameter (displayed - base).
  • Due to this percentage, a portion of the Crafting Bonus is also applied each Upgrade.

Upgrade percentages[]

Parameter Percentage of Increase after Craft per Upgrade Notes Basevalue Cloth Basevalue Hide Basevalue Fur Basevalue Plate
Armor: Durability 10% 20 40 55 80
Armor: Armor Value 5% 5 20 40 45
Armor: Hypothermic Insulation 5% chest an pants higher value 5 or 7 16 or 25 40 or 61 7.5 or 12
Armor: Hyperthermic Insulation 5% chest an pants lower value 10 or 15 -4.5 or -5.5 -13 or -37 -6 or -12
Armor: Stamina(%) 5%
Armor: Health(%) 5%
Armor: Intelligence(%) 5%
Armor: Melee Damage Multiplier(%) 5%
Armor: Torpidity 5%
Armor: Oxygen 5%
Armor: Fortitude 5%
Armor: Weight(%) 5%
Tool: Durability 10% Baseline 40 or higher for Hook, climbingpick
Tool: Weapon Damage(%) 3% Baseline 100%
Melee Weapon: Durability 10% Baseline 40 or higher for Hook, climbingpick
Melee Weapon: Weapon Damage(%) 3% Baseline 100%
Fire Arm : Durability 10%
Fire Arm : Weapon Damage(%) 3% Baseline 100%


For Cloth Gloves and the Intelligence parameter, it will be 5%. So a Mythical Cloth Gloves with 16,7% Intelligence as parameter after the craft, each upgrade would add 0,84 additional percent to this parameter.

CraftingBlueprint BP.jpg

The Blueprint

Upgrade Item 4.jpg

Here the crafted Item with 4 upgrades applied, plus the value and cost for the fifth. Bonus: repairing, 11 Mythos for each lost Durability

Mcg 411.jpg

Regarding Crafting Bonus:

This Item crafted with 0% Crafting Bonus, then updated 4 times would have had 16,56 Intelligence, instead of 20,04.