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Tier 2 Carriage Saddle
Tier 2 Carriage Saddle.png
Allows transporting people and high-ranking diplomats.
Type Saddles
Durability -
Added in v1.0
Spawn Command


The Tier 2 Carriage Saddle in ATLAS allows the player to ride tamed Creatures and transport other players inside the carriage.

The Tier 2 Carriage Saddle can be used with Tier 2 animals; the Bear, and Horse, and with the skill Riding Tier 2, found in the Beastmastery Beastmastery Icon Button.png Discipline.

  • You can ride your Mount and take two players with you.
  • You need to craft a Tier 2 Saddle.png Tier 2 Saddle as an intermediate item for the Tier 2 Carriage Saddle.

Additionally, need unlocked skills:

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