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Displays a map with multiple markers at given coordinates

  • NOTE: Maps must be square


all are optionally

Parameter default description
map Region A1.jpg Filename of the map
mapsize 300 mapsize in px
markersize 10 markersize in px
markercolor #f30
markericon Filename of the default-icon
opacity 1 opacity of markers
text is displayed under the map
float where the map floats (left / right)
borderCoordT 7.2 Coords of Top
borderCoordR 92.8 Coords of Right
borderCoordB 92.8 Coords of Bottom
borderCoordL 7.2 Coords of Left
tableArg class="wikitable" Optional arguments for the returned table

Locations are given as comma-separated-values and have to be in this order (only lat and lon are mandatory) lat,lon,markersize,markercolor,markertooltip,markericon[,markericon2[,markericon3...]]. Leave parameters empty for the default. E.g. write 20,50,,green for a green marker at 20-50 with the default size.

  • Commas are not allowed in the title-text (it breaks the format)
  • An equal-sign has to be written like {{=}}, a vertical bar / pipe has to be written like {{!}}.


{{MapLocations|map=Region A1.jpg|30,50|20,80,20}}
Region A1.jpg
{{MapLocations|map=Region A2.jpg|40,50|30,80|text=so many spots|80,50,30,yellow,I'm a yellow marker!|opacity=0.7|50,50,5|markercolor=green|mapsize=200|10,10,5}}
Region A2.jpg
so many spots

Other methods

Can get just the map without the table with {{#invoke MapLocations|generateMapDivmap=Region A1.jpg|30,50|20,80,20}}

Region A1.jpg

_maplocations and _generateMapDiv can be called from other modules

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