Cooking & Farming Icon InGame Cost to unlock entire category: 58

Unlocked by Survivalism
Skill Provides Items Unlocked Cost Precondition
Gives access to unlock the Cooking & Farming Discipline 2
Gives access to crafting the Cooking Pot.png Cooking Pot 1
Gives access to crafting the Barrel.png Water Barrel and Water Jar.png Water Jar . 2
Overeating Damage -10% 1
Cooking Speed +20% 1
Unlocks Tier 1 Recipes for cooking 1
Gives access to crafting Basic Farming and Irrigation Tools. 1
Overeating Damage -20% 2
Cooking Speed +20% 4
Unlocks Tier 2 Recipes for cooking 5
Gives access to crafting a Preserving Bag.png Preserving Bag , and Preserving Salt.png Preserving Salt . 1
Soil Growth Bonus +20% 1
Overeating Damage -30% 8
Cooking Speed +15% 8
Unlocks Tier 3 Recipes for cooking 8
Gives access to crafting larger and more efficient farming structures. 2
Soil Growth Bonus +20% 2
Gives access to crafting the Grill. 2

Soil Growth Bonus +20% 6
Once every 6 hours the chef activate this, and produce a dish of tremendous complexity
(requires all the resources in their own inventory).
Enables Unthinkable Delicacy in the Use Feat Bar Unthinkable Delicacy Icon