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Taxation Bank
Taxation bank
Type Structure
Health 20,000
Size 5L × 4W × 5H
Added in v1.0
Spawn Command
Skill Tree Construction & Mercantilism
Used to craft 0 items
Used to craft 0 items
Crafted in Smithy Smithy
Resources breakdown
60 × Gem Gem
80 × Metal Metal
100 × Stone Stone
50 × Thatch Thatch
120 × Wood Wood

The Taxation Bank is a building part in ATLAS that allows a company to levy a tax on all resources gathered within their claims.

It can only be placed on a crafted floor and is 4 floors in width, 5 floors in depth. It can be locked and secured by a pin code.

Taxation on the Taxation Bank is set from 0% to 30%. Whenever a player gathers resources inside a claim with a taxation bank, the configured percent of those resources is deposited in the taxation bank. This does not apply to players within the company that owns the taxation bank.

As an example, if a taxation bank is set to 10% and a player gathers 60 stone, the player will only have 54 stone in their inventory as 6 stone will have been automatically placed in the taxation bank.

As of version 405.9, it is unclear if the tax is additive or if it pulls from the collected resources. In PVE the bank is not required to be placed, as the claim flag collects and stores the taxed resources. Unsure of requirement in PVP.

RE: Control Point Taxation Banks As of version ??.?, Control points have a sort of "double" taxation bank. It appears as one bank and needs to be destroyed twice to rob the money from it. When the bank breaks for the first time, it appears to be still standing and needs to be destroyed again from 20k health.

Despite there being between 1 to 4 control points per map grid, only one of the control points will have any gold in it. Because you need to break both banks to get any gold from it two bags of gold will appear, one will have a minor amount as the second bank has only been active for the time since you broke the first. The second bank should have substantially more. MAKE SURE YOU GET BOTH!

The defense towers will not engage you if you do not hit anything but the bank. If you are using cannons or the like, splash damage or shots that land elsewhere after the bank is down will trigger the towers. Tames like bears will damage the tower but not hit anything else and you are right there when the bank goes down to loot the gold. Bring a mate for your tame for the mate damage buff as it appears to be a DPS race before the bank respawns.

This appears to be a DPS race as the banks respawn very quickly (get the second bank down before the 1st respawns). You may need to do multiple trips to get all the gold if you can't carry it all. If trapped in a respawned bank, you will need to die. You can throw the gold to another player standing outside and eat some poop if you took some with you. Alternatively, you can throw it outside the bank, die, respawn on your ship, run back and pick up all but you have to be VERY quick or the dropped gold despawns.

As of right now taxation banks located on Sea Forts are unable to be used as they will cause anyone who approaches them to crash their own game.