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ATLAS provides the ability to tame wild animals and pet or domesticate them.

Many (if not most) of the creatures in Atlas will be tamable but the developers have indicated that the taming mechanics will be an entirely new method that is not like ARK: Survival Evolved taming system. No information yet on how to tame creatures in Atlas.

Early information indicates that some creatures are tamable only for a specific time period and then will either return to being wild or will die (i.e. dragons are presumed to be a creature that is only tamable for a short period of time while something like a horse may be tamable and usable indefinitely).

Tameable creatures[edit | edit source]

These are the known tameable creatures and their taming requirements.

For passive taming place the required item in the last slot of your toolbar.

Passive Taming:

Standing near the animal and feeding it is favorite food will increase it's taming meter. When the Bar at the bottom of the name plate fills to 100% the animal is tamed and you are required to name them.

Bola Taming:

The animal must be damaged to 10% then a Bola will be able to be used on Animal. When the Animal is Bola'ed they will be knocked to the ground. You will need to approach the head of the animal and feed it is favorite food. *Animals will attack if you are to close.* It seems to be best to approach the animal from the back in order to feed it. Repeat damaging and trapping with the Bola and feeding until the animal's tame meter is full. When the Bar at the bottom of the name plate fills to 100% the animal is tamed and you are required to name them.

For both types of taming, be aware that you can pick up and carry animals that are unconscious. This can be a boon if you need to get either a passive or hostile tame candidate into a corral and away from roving predators.

Creature Taming method Item
流星锤 Honey
鹦鹉 流星锤 Hardtack
公牛 流星锤 Rushes
被动 Berries
奶牛 被动 Rushes
乌鸦 流星锤 Earthworms
大象 流星锤 Wheat
长颈鹿 流星锤 Beet
流星锤 Sugarcane
狮子 流星锤 Prime Meat
被动 Berries
鸵鸟 流星锤 Chili
被动 Maize
犀牛 流星锤 Turnip
海鸥 流星锤 Raw Prime Fish Meat
绵羊 被动 Chamomile
老虎 流星锤 Prime Meat
秃鹰 流星锤 Rotten Meat
流星锤 Bone