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A domesticated animal is called Tame in ATLAS.

See taming for a list of possible animals and how to domesticate them. Also see the species page for even more information.

Levels of Tames[]

A Tame has three Levels: Wild Level, Tame Level and Total Level.

  • Wild Level is the ((Level before Tame)*1,5 rounded up)-1. So the max Wild Level(not Level in the Wild) is (30)*1,5 = 45 -1 = 44.
  • Tame Levels are gained when a certain XP threshold was reached, and the therefore gained atribute point was allocated.
    • Maximum Tame Level is Wild Level +30.
  • Total Level: is Wild Level + Tame Level.
    • Maximum Total Level is therefore 2*(Wild Level) + 30 (118 for a Level 30 animal before Taming).

Stats of a Tame[]

When an animal is tamed, it will receive values for following variable Stats:

  • Health
  • Stamina
  • Weight
  • Melee Damage
  • Oxygen
  • Torpor (?)
  • Food

It seems the range of the amount is Wild Level dependent, but like Blueprints a RNG (boost factor) is added to each of the Stats.

Other Stats like Damage Mitigration (also Tamed creature resistance) are species specific, but may be boosted in comparision to wild animals.

Skill a Tame[]

XP Gain[]

The Tame will gain XP in ways like:

  • Passivly over time (small amount)
  • Farming resources
  • Killing NPCs
  • In range when a treasure chest is dug up (may need to be mounted?).

When a certain XP threshold is reached a new atribute Point is gained. This point can be used to enhance a Stat of the Tame.

Spending atribute points[]

A free atribute point can be used for following Stats:

  • Health
  • Stamina
  • Weight
  • Melee Damage

The amount of increase is stated while hover above the Stat. The value is not always fully applied, this needs further testing.

Balance a Tame[]

The balance of the Tame will/can change for its usecase. For MinMaxing the Stat allocation after taming will define its use.

  • Farmer/Carry - Mostly skilled in Weight Stamina and Melee Damage.
  • Tamer/Alpha Killer - Mostly skilled in Health, maybe Melee Damage.
  • Explorer (Tame u take on journeys) - Health Stamina little Weight. Even Food is an Option here. Also Oxygen can be taken into equation.
  • ....

Command a Tame[]

By holding e on a tame the radial menu will pop up, one of the options is the Behaviour:

  • Stance, can also be whistled, recommended are:
    • Neutral - The Tame will fight back, but will not start a fight/ looking to fight by itself.
    • Passive - The Tame will never atack, if it is attacked, it will die. Use this for stationary Tames in safe places. Birds are a prime example.
  • Aggro Distance, depends but lowest prevent the Tame from moving to much out off place.
  • Follow Distance - Depends, use lowest only to position passive Tames like Cows. Some Tames (looking at you Bear) tend to stick their nose in your ass, preventing you from moving at all. Recomended low.

Under the Options a tame can be

  • Renamed at any time
  • Spayed - maybe usefull for Breeding
  • Unclaimed

Also mentionworth:

  • Disable/Enable Ally Looking - Disable this to ease the walk around Tames, Bears especially will otherwise rubberband you when they move their head.
  • Disable/Enable whistle all responsiveness - Recommended to disable for stationary NPCs / Birds. Disable if your mates tend to fat finger on whistles all.
  • Enable Wandering - Enabled mostly for Breeding, otherwise let it disabled. But with alot of Bears /Bulls / cows it is possible to let them all wandering on an (small) island, they will take care of predators (May lose some to alphas tho).
  • Move to Ship: DONT use it. Only if you have to. Many Tames fly to heaven because of it. Let them follow on ship and whistle stay when they are on it, may even ride them afterwards.

How to Keep Tames Safe (when offline)[]

People in ATLAS build Barns for their Tames. While comming around you will see alot of different setups and sizes. A Barn should help with:

  • Keep Tames in place, so they dont move to far.
  • Keep predators away, here especially alphas.
  • Keep them all easy feed through a Feeding Trough.

caveats of a Barn setup:

  • Depending on Barn setup, patchversion, species. Tames tend to "fall" trough/in a ceiling /foundation, during Server restart and/or wakeup from stasis (server/island that is).
    • to free a fall through Giraffe, you can start do demolish the whole damn Barn. Or navigate a ship nearby and use move to option.
  • Building just below water level over the water can kill (drown) fall through Tames.
  • Building even bigger for more protection seems to worsen the fall trough problem.

The Barnsetup also depends on neccessary size and predators on the island. For just stationary Cows and Birds for example, on an island with only Cobras, Rattlesnakes and Spiders. It is enough to build a 2 high pillar with 3 by 3 ceilings on it. Having a temporary roof ramp to transfer the cows. Use ladders afterwards.

Transport Tames[]

Getting Tames to another island is a common task in ATLAS, but it is also a steady source of lost Tames. In EA many things change and so transport is often effected by this. Here are some bulletpoint to help avoid losing Tames on sea.

  • After every server crossing check for missing Tames
  • After aggroing, especially after taking hits from a Ship of the Damned, check for missing Tames. When a Tame is not on neutral setting, the Tame may gone to attack the SotD :).
  • Dont use Move to Ship if not neccessary, Tame can get killed by this
    • To move a Tame to Ship, park them on a Ship side, cimb Ship from the side via Grappling Hook, whistle them follow t, whistle stay t when onboard, may mount them afterwards.
  • Dont overbuild a Ship which shell transport Tames, it should have a clean top deck.

Claim Another Players Tame[]

A timer will be displayed on other players tames, this determines when another players tame is claimable.

A neglected tame will become claimable after 8 real days time. It can be claimed by pressing e while looking at it.

Free a Stuck Tame[]

There are some terrains in which a Tame can get stuck, and is not able to be removed by the player. Here are some tips to deal with it:

  • If it is near the ocean, navigate a ship nearby and try to move the tame onto the ship using the radial menu.
  • Command the tame to follow the player on the lowest setting and move out of render while the tame is following. Upon entering render, the tame has the possibility of moving towards the player before the terrain renders in.


Tames as wild animals can undermesh. That means they are trapped under the surface. Nothing else then f to do here (?)