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Stone Farmhouse
Stone Farmhouse.png
Type Structure
Health 30,000
Item slots 30
Fuel Oil, Coal, Wood or Thatch
Added in v1.0
Spawn Command
cheat GFI autofarmstone 1 0 0
Skill Tree Construction & Mercantilism
Crafted in Smithy.png Smithy
Resources breakdown
320 × Cotton.png Fibers
100 × Skin.png Hide
180 × Alloy.png Alloy
1500 × Stone.png Stone
800 × Thatch.png Thatch
600 × Wood.png Wood

The Farmhouse is a new building with an auto farming feature added to ATLAS which was announced July 14 2020, and released on July 22nd 2020 Patch v407.2 which will gather resources at a slow rate from all nearby resource nodes.

Available in two versions Wood and Stone. see additional details below.

From the Update Notes[]

Available under Construction & Mercantilism > Esotery of Building, players can construct both Wood & Stone Farmhouses using the Smithy. Farmhouses will require at least one thatch or wood unit for fuel to start gathering resources from nearby nodes, and as long as there are thatch and wood nodes within the area, the farmhouse will continue to fuel itself. Players will be able to determine the farming radius based on the light blue sphere during placement. Any resource with at least one node within the radius will be collected.

Additional Details:

  • Structures built within the Farmhouse radius will reduce the farming efficiency.
  • The Farmhouse has 30 slots in its inventory.
  • Resources collected in the Farmhouse inventory will stack up to 10,000 units.
  • When collecting resources, they will be distributed within the player inventory at the normal stack size.
  • Farmhouse caps at 8000 weight and will stop auto-farming when reaching this point.
  • Stone Farmhouse gathers slightly faster and is more difficult to destroy.
  • Farmhouses may not be placed within 12,000 units of another Farmhouse.
  • Farmhouses will not remove the nodes when auto-harvesting. If the nodes are removed by a player, the resource will not be collected by the farmhouse until the nodes respawn.

Current known differences between PVE/PVP

  • PVE - Building can be turned on/off by anyone, but the inventory can only be accessed by your company members.
  • PVP - Building is fully accessible to everyone. (Protect with walls/Puckle towers)


Requires Skills: Construction & Mercantilism, Esotery of Building, Advanced Automation

Stone Farmhouse:

See Also Farmhouse

Updates V412.5[]

  • Added Fuel Slot to Farmhouse and Warehouse
    • Dedicated slot holds up to 1,000 units of Fuel
    • This slot is separate from the main inventory
    • Burns a unit of fuel at the following intervals:
      • Oil: 350 seconds
      • Coal: 200 seconds
      • Wood: 100 seconds
      • Thatch: 40 seconds

Updates V409.1[]

  • Farmhouses can no longer be placed in water
  • Farmhouse now only transfers a single stack of resources into player's inventory per transfer interaction
  • Increased distance requirement between Farmhouse placement from 120m to 200m
  • Farmhouse harvest rate reduced by 25% overall
    • Harvest Interval increased from 15 seconds to 60 seconds (gathers 1/4 as often)
    • Harvest amount increased (gathers 3x as much)
  • Stone Farmhouse has been moved to Advanced Automation Skill in Construction Tree
  • Updated resource costs of constructing a Stone Farmhouse
    • Changed 360 Metal to 180 Alloy
    • Added 80 Organic Paste as additional cost
  • Reduced the Draw Distance of Farmhouse from 1 kilometer to 400 meters
  • Reduced health of basic Farmhouse from 30k to 20k