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The Pathfinder has a Stamina Pool, Stamina is actively consumed by actions like, harvest Resources, using Feats, Running ... When the Stamina Pool is empty, Health.png Health is consumed instead of Stamina, and serveral actions are prohibited (running, swimming...), see Exhausted.

Stamina Pool[]

The Baseline Pool of 100 Stamina can be enlarged by

Stamina Refill[]

The Stamina Pool is refilled when no action is done, there is a short cooldown before it starts rising. Depending on Weather either Water Level Hot or Food Level Cold is used to refill Stamina. Amout of Food / Water used to refill also depends on time it takes to refill the Pool (from fast to slow: Prone, Crouching, standing/walking, see Status Effects ).

You need 30% Health to start regenerating Stamina.

Benefits of large Stamina Pool[]

  • PVP
  • Further Swimming
  • Higher Climbing, a Pool of 100 dont let u reach some Discovery Areas on the Mountains. When Stamina is upused, but still some way to climb, Health.png Health is used, at the same time Torpor.png Torpor is generated, which result in: fall asleep, fall and die.
  • Harvest more Resources off off one Pool