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Squid Tentacle
Squid Tentacle.png
Type Meat
Spoils to Dried Squid Tentacle.png Dried Squid Tentacle
Dropped by Squid
Added in v520.12
Spawn Command

Squid Tentacle is a consumable.


Squid Tentacle.png Squid Tentacle can be consumed raw and will decay into Dried Squid Tentacle, and is the preferred food for taming Dolphin's.


Squid Tentacle.png Squid Tentacle can be acquired by killing Squid and harvesting their corpses. The Metal Pick.png Metal Pick is most efficient at harvesting Squid Tentacle.png Squid Tentacle.

Patch Notes[]

Squid Tentacles are a new type of meat that can be obtained by defeating Squids. They can be eaten raw and don't spoil. Instead, they dry out over time and remain safe to eat!

  • Dried Squid Tentacles will soon have a special use, so you may want to start collecting them now!