Spray Painter

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Spray Painter
Spray Painter.png
Type Weapon
Fuel Dye.png Coloring
Durability 40
Added in v1.0
Spawn Command
Crafted in Smithy.png Smithy
Resources breakdown
10 × Crystal.png Crystal
10 × Gem.png Gem
50 × Tin.png Metal

The Spray Painter is a weapon in Atlas. It is used to paint Structures more quickly and with less coloring than the paintbrush uses.


  1. To set the paint color, drag the coloring of choice onto the Spray Painter.
  2. Toggle the paint regions (1-6) that are to be used.
  3. Press or hold down the fire button to paint the enabled regions of the structure. The coloring will slowly deplete as the Spray Painter is fired. The remaining coloring is displayed by the durability bar beneath the Spray Painter.
  4. To reload the Spray Painter with the same color from the personal inventory, press the melee button (Middle Mouse or RB).

To Enable or Disable paint regions, use the combination of buttons as shown below:

Paint Region PC Key Xbox Buttons
1 rmb + 1 Controls+Controls
2 rmb + 2 Controls+Controls
3 rmb + 3 Controls+Controls
4 rmb + 4 Controls+Controls
5 rmb + 5 Controls+Controls+Controls
6 rmb + 6 Controls+Controls+Controls