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Type Ship
Weight Supported 3300
Crew Capacity 5
Mast Number 2
Sail Units 2.0
Deck Level Number 1

Crafted in Small Shipyard.png Small Shipyard
Smithy.png Smithy
Loom.png Loom
Resources breakdown
1196 × Cotton.png Fibers
62 × Skin.png Hide
36 × Tin.png Metal
1023 × Thatch.png Thatch
1010 × Wood.png Wood

The sloop is the cheapest ship you can create on the Small Shipyard. It has one deck and can hold a maximum of 2 small sails or 1 medium sail. Sloops are one of the small Ships in ATLAS.

Build info[]

Build and place Small Shipyard. Ensure that there is sufficient depth of water. Sand bars and rocks may result in the ship being destroyed as soon as it is launched. Once placed, the shipyard can be used to construct the skeleton of the sloop which forms the base for placing additional components.

Additional Components[]

After the skeleton has been crafted, it will appear in the shipyard. Once the skeleton is in place, additional components (decking, sails, etc.) are placed on the skeleton like placing walls on a foundation. The following table lists the required components.

A sloop may be constructed with two small sails or one medium sail. A single Medium Speed Sail makes the sloop quite fast, able to outrun Ships of the Damned given favorable winds. However, care must be taken due to loss of handling characteristics.

If Wood Ceiling Doorways are used, chests and preserving bags may be placed inside the hull, leaving the decking clear.

Ship Skeleton Amount Material Piece Total


Fibers 110 110
Metal 8 8
Thatch 180 180
Wood 120 120
Small Wood Ship Deck.png

Small Wood Ship Deck

Amount Material Piece Total
Fibers 40 40
Thatch 105 105
Wood 70 70
Small Wood Plank.png

Small Wood Plank

Amount Material Piece Total
Fibers 50 600
Thatch 60 720
Wood 65 780
Ship Steering Wheel.png

Ship Steering Wheel

Amount Material Piece Total
Fibers 14 14
Thatch 18 18
Wood 40 40
Small Handling Sail
and/or Small Speed Sail
and/or Small Weight Sail
Amount Material Piece Total
Fibers 115 230
Hide 28 56
Wood 84 168
Medium Handling Sail
or Medium Speed Sail
or Medium Weight Sail
Amount Material Piece Total
Fibers 432 432
Hide 62 62
Metal 28 28
Wood 196 196
Total Resources Required Fibers 1196
Hide 62
Metal 36
Thatch 1023
Wood 1010

+ info[]


Need at least 6 Wood Ceiling in addition to complete the Small Wood Ship Deck

Enemy claim time: 12 Hours.

Level increment[]

Additional weight : +100
Adds more maximum weight capacity to the ship, while reducing the weight's effect on speed

Additional Crew : +1
Increases the total number of passengers allowed on the ship.

Sturdiness : +4%
Reduced ship sinking rate, and reduces the rate of offshore item spoiling and character vitals depletion.

Accommodations : +1
Adds more beds, improve crew anchored automatic hull repairing speed, and reduces overall crew payment amount.

Damage : +4%
Increases damage of cannons and all other ship weapons.

  • Capped at 252%

Resistance : +8%
Increases the resistance of all the structures on the ship.

  • Capped at 396%