Ship of the Damned
Ship of the Damned.jpg
Common Name Ship of the Damned
Group Ships
Nature Aggressive
Release version Steam.svg v1.0
Other information
Spawns in Ocean
Rarity Common

Basic Information[]

Ships of the Damned are one of two hostile NPC Ship types. The other being Ghost Ship.
They are part of the Army of the Damned and are a constant threat to Players sailing the oceans of the World of ATLAS.


The Glow of the Ships show their level and thus their difficulty in battle

Color Level Ra
Green 1 - 123
Yellow 10 - 20
Orange 20 - 30
Red 30+

On top of levels, there are also 3 types of Ships of the Damned: Schooner of the Damned, Brigantine of the Damned and the Galleon of the Damned. Health increases based on the class of the ships.


They move in slow, lazy, random patterns, making them unpredictable. Though their aggro radius is dependent on the type of ship (with sloops and rafts having to get very close) Giving them a wide berth is advised. They also do not seem to be affected by wind speed, making you vulnerable in low wind.

Ships of the Damned won't cross sector barriers, unless they're targeting/attacking a Playership.

They get Damaged by water spouts, and have reduced aggro range within fog. You can use this to either damage them before or while engaging battle or even evade them.

Unlike wild animals, being able to read their name and HP from proximity doesn't mean it's engaging in a fight.


Destroyed Ships will drop a special flotsam crate into the water with and a random amount of freed Crewmember, which can be rescued from the water. They will be free labor for 24 hours and are simply claimable; however, after that point Gold Coin.png Gold Coins are taken as pay.

The crate always includes Gold Coin.png Gold Coins and some random items and blueprints.

Higher Ship level gets better quality loot.


It is advised, to always have already crafted planks and plenty of repair supplies on board, especially when fighting on the high seas without an island in sight. Even a low-level Ship of the Damned can destroy individual planks without much trouble.

Though their weaponry hasn't been specified up to at least Level 20 appear to only have the range of Ship Cannon. Which gives a first barrage with Large Cannon, a huge advantage.

Placing Large Cannon on the upper Deck gives even smaller Ships than the Galleon the possibility to use that Strategy. Large Cannons are no longer able to be free placed on decks however medium cannons, when used strategically, are a good addition to any ship deck for added fire power.


Scourge of the Damned - Defeat a Red Galleon of the Damned of at least level 50!


  • If you have War Drums on your ship, then the Ships of the Damned will focus it.