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"This article is about a feature that is New or Upcoming, See the Patch Notes for more information."

Seed Vendor
Common Name Seed Vendor
Group Humans
Nature Oblivious
Release version Steam.svg v520.12
Tameable No
Rideable No
Other information
Spawns in Freeport
Rarity Common

The Seed Vendor is one of the Humans in ATLAS.

Basic Information[]


The Seed Vendor sits in Freeports.


You can obtain Seeds from this NPC.

  • Requires confirmation of the list of seeds sold, if these are the wild vs cultivated versions?


  • You cannot attack any of the human NPCs in Freeports, including the Commodities Vendor.
  • The location of vendors changes in each different zones' Freeport, but will be the same on any island within the zone.

Patch Notes[]

Business is booming, and a new vendor has set up shop at the Freeports! Working on your farm and looking for a particular crop? The Seed Vendor is your one-stop shop! Most seeds can be purchased at a rate of 10 gold for 5 seeds.

With new business, also comes a new crop! Coffee Seeds can be purchased from the Seed Vendor at 20 gold for 5 seeds. Fight away sleep in real life and in game! Coffee Beans can be brewed to create Coffee! Drinking coffee will give pirates the new buff, Caffeinated, which reduces incoming torpor damage.

A new vendor has arrived! The Seed Vendor can be found in Freeports and provides all the seeds required for your farming needs.

Coffee Seeds: 20 Gold for 5 Seeds

All other Seeds: 10 Gold for 5 Seeds