• Silver.png Silver
  • Softwood.png Softwood
  • Darkwood.png Darkwood Can find on Hasford Peninsula, bring an elephant and hit bamboo trees
  • Rushes.png Rushes
  • Bamboo.png Bamboo Can find on Hasford Peninsula, bring a bear or a good sickle
  • Hemp.png Hemp
  • Straw.png Straw
  • Silk.png Silk
  • Slate.png Slate
  • Chert.png Chert
  • Ruby.png Ruby
  • Sulfur.png Sulfur
  • Syrup.png Syrup Can be found on Lucent reef. Look for the autumn colored tree. (not the red leaf ones.) It has red yellow and green leaves. Pick works better than elephant to get the syrup.