Region O13

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Region O13.jpg
Biome Tundra

Temperature ?

Discovery Zones[edit | edit source]

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Discovered Resources[edit | edit source]

Coal.png Coal

Lignite.png Lignite

Nitre.png Nitre

Crystal.png Crystal

Quartz.png Quartz

Tellurite.png Tellurite

Cotton.png Fiber Cotton.png Cotton
Flint.png Flint

Basalt.png Basalt

Chalcedony.png Chalcedony

Gem.png Gem Ruby.png Ruby
Tin.png Metal

Iron.png Iron

Silver.png Silver

Oil.png Oil

Crude Oil.png Crude Oil

Mineral Oil.png Mineral Oil

Sea Salt.png Salt

Kala Namak.png Kala Namak

Pink Salt.png Pink Salt

Stone.png Stone Granite.png Granite
Sugar.png Sugar Resin.png Resin
Thatch.png Thatch Roots.png Roots
Wood.png Wood

Softwood.png Softwood

Wetwood.png Wetwood

Discovered Consumables / Plants[edit | edit source]

Discovered Animals[edit | edit source]

Islands[edit | edit source]

Haddes Cay[edit | edit source]

Region O13.jpg
Haddes Cay

Hilbourg Key[edit | edit source]

Region O13.jpg
Hilbourg Key

Lourleche Key[edit | edit source]

Region O13.jpg
Lourleche Key

The Withered Islands[edit | edit source]

Region O13.jpg
The Withered Islands

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