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Region N1.jpg
Biome Polar

Temperature Extreme cold

Discovery Zones[]

Grid Name Island Longitude Latitude
N1 Windy Whistle The Forbidden Cay 78.91 91.21
N1 Scuzzy Pete's Frosty Peaks The Forbidden Cay 78.83 91.51
N1 Narrow Chasm The Darkest Chain 79.86 96.70
N1 Ice Storm Lunenlet Atoll 82.73 91.64
N1 The Big Wreck Lunenlet Atoll 82.75 89.68
N1 The Davenport Lunenlet Atoll 82.96 89.69
N1 Mysterious Mystery Lunenlet Atoll 80.77 91.05
N1 The Pearly Dirt Lunenlet Atoll 80.24 91.05
N1 The Precious Stone Lunenlet Atoll 83.40 92.06
N1 The Betty Gal Lunenlet Atoll 83.00 91.93
N1 The Charger Lunenlet Atoll 83.43 91.91
N1 The Grand Rose Lunenlet Atoll 82.74 89.69
N1 The Great Beast Lunenlet Atoll 83.03 91.76
N1 Ice Palace Lunenlet Atoll 81.78 90.65
N1 Frozen Stairs Lunenlet Atoll 81.35 91.02
N1 The Wobble Hobble Lunenlet Atoll 80.26 91.85
N1 The The Shedevil Lunenlet Atoll 80.81 91.13
N1 The Hovel Lunenlet Atoll 80.40 91.61
N1 The Ocean Rose Lunenlet Atoll 83.26 91.91
N1 The Wench Lunenlet Atoll 82.54 89.65
N1 Big Mistake Lunenlet Atoll 83.19 92.02
N1 Stelburns Atoll Iceberg 75.52 94.94
N1 The Pelican Archipelago Iceberg 75.95 88.50
N1 Wallmouth Enclave Iceberg 84.52 96.75
N1 Engueuil Cay Iceberg 82.83 94.35

All Islands count as Discoveries.

** Can not be discovered in game yet.

Discovered Resources[]

Discovered Consumables / Plants[]

  • None discovered.

Discovered Animals[]


Engueuil Cay[]

Region N1.jpg
Engueuil Cay

Lunenlet Atoll[]

Region N1.jpg
Lunenlet Atoll

Stelburns Atoll[]

Region N1.jpg
Stelburns Atoll

The Darkest Chain[]

Region N1.jpg
The Darkest Chain

The Forbidden Cay[]

Region N1.jpg
The Forbidden Cay

The Pelican Archipelago[]

Region N1.jpg
The Pelican Archipelago

Wallmouth Enclave[]

Region N1.jpg
Wallmouth Enclave

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