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"islandItems" values

NamePenechill Holm
CreaturesHorse Bear Crow Pig Sheep Bull Cow Rabbit Wolf Chicken Lion
ConsumablesGarlic Arctic Raspberry Bilberry Wild Turnip Wild Potato
ResourcesSoftwood Wetwood Roots Chalcedony Limestone Iridium Lignite Iridium Crude Oil Garnet Cotton Resin
NameWally Enclave
CreaturesHorse Rabbit Lion Crow Seagull Pig Cow Bull Bear Chicken
ConsumablesBilberry Wild Potato Wild Turnip Garlic Arctic Raspberry
ResourcesWetwood Roots Resin Chalcedony Cotton Limestone Softwood Lignite Garnet Iridium Pink Salt
RemarksPure Iridium Nodes
NameSaufield Key
CreaturesWolf Lion Cow Rabbit Bull Cobra Crow Seagull Horse Chicken Bear Wolf Sheep Pig
ConsumablesBilberry Arctic Raspberry Garlic Wild Turnip Wild Potato
ResourcesSoftwood Roots limestone Chalcedony Cotton Wetwood Iridium Pink Salt Lignite Resin Garnet
RemarksPink Salt on the south of the island and on the small separate attached isle. Lignite near west statue and south (small yellow rocks). Garnet crystals East. Good place to find lions.
NameThetheller Refuge
CreaturesWolf Cow Bull Horse Lion Sheep Cobra Pig Crow Bear Rabbit Chicken
ConsumablesBilberry Garlic Arctic Raspberry Wild Turnip Wild Potato
ResourcesLimestone Chalcedony Iridium Cotton Softwood Roots Pink Salt Wetwood Resin Garnet Lignite