Region G6

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Region G6
Region G6.jpg
Biome Eastern Tundra

Golden Age Ruins
Temperature ?

Discoveries[edit | edit source]

Grid Discovery name Longitude Latitude Note
G6 Durmore Island 19.84 -02.49 Island
G6 Cherryhill 00.00 00.00
G6 Fredrick's Pass 00.00 00.00
G6 Old Man's Nose 00.00 00.00
G6 A Precarious Archway 19.77 -2.56 Durmore Island
G6 Something Went Wrong Here 00.00 00.00
G6 Lanky Light Tower 00.00 00.00
G6 The False Lighthouse 00.00 00.00
G6 The Mirror Pool 00.00 00.00
G6 Gorgon's Mirror 20.67 -2.67 Durmore Island
G6 The Sacred Pass 00.00 00.00
G6 Parley Pass 18.95 -2.99 Durmore Island
G6 The Light Blue Stone of Power 00.00 00.00

Islands[edit | edit source]

Durmore Island

Durmore Island Creatures Consumables Resources
Region G6.jpg

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