Region G5

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Region G5
Region G5.jpg
Biome Eastern Tropical

Golden Age Ruins
Temperature ?

Discoveries[edit | edit source]

Grid Discovery name Longitude Latitude
G5 Stelgue Island 16,99 12,66
G5 Giant's Last Breath
G5 Resting Place of The Sealion
G5 Secret Tunnel
G5 The Abandoned Tower
G5 What Happened Here?
G5 The Dark Blue Stone of Power
G5 The Green Essence of Power
G5 The Waterway
G5 Edgemaw Village
G5 The Broken Bluffs
G5 Northfist Haven
G5 Mirage Obelisk
G5 The Sixiht Flamelands
G5 The Rushing Deep
G5 Otterstall Canyon
G5 Eldford Fortress
G5 The Thunder Tower

Islands[edit | edit source]

Stelgue Island

Stelgue Island Creatures Consumables Resources
Region G5.jpg
Some High Level Creatures

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