Region G1

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Region G1
Region G1.jpg
Biome Eastern Tropical

Temperature ?

Discoveries[edit | edit source]

Grid Discovery name Longitude Latitude
G1 Stockfait Key 23,29 93,19
G1 Penwood Island 21,14 85,36
G1 Wintry Skerry 15,24 88,43

Islands[edit | edit source]

Stockfait Key

Stockfait Key Creatures Consumables Resources
Region G1.jpg

Penwood Island

Penwood Island Creatures Consumables Resources
Region G1.jpg

Penwood Island can be found in the south-eastern corner of the region, situated near to the border with region G2 to the south.
The Island itself is very rugged and mountainous which could hinder exploration of the Island.
It is strongly recommended to bring a grappling hook and/or Climbing Pick
to allow for easier traversal of the many mountains and ravines that dominate the landscape.

Wintry Skerry

Wintry Skerry Creatures Consumables Resources
Region G1.jpg

Wintry Skerry can be found on the western side of the region and has the smallest land mass of all islands in the region.
There are several rocks that could make approaching with large ships such as the Brigantine and the Galleon a hazardous proposition,
which is further complicated by the shallow areas that can be found surrounding the area.
It would be worth the investment in a Dinghy Ship Hangar with a Dinghy on such ships to allow for a safe approach.

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