Region E5

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Region E5
Region E5.jpg
Biome Low Desert

Golden Age Ruins
Temperature ?

Discoveries[edit | edit source]

Grid Discovery name Longitude Latitude Note
E5 Crescana Isle -13,30 15,53 Island
E5 A Path to Treasure or Death? Crescana Isle
E5 Decay of a Grand Affair Crescana Isle
E5 Lifeblood of The City Crescana Isle
E5 The Temple Destroyed Crescana Isle
E5 The Wall that Almost Fell Crescana Isle
E5 Watchman's High Tower Crescana Isle
E5 The Pink Stone of Power ?
E5 Sinkasing Island -22,27 22,21 Island
E5 The Cyan Stone of Power ?

The Fountain of Youth is in the center of the southwest side of Sinkasing Island. Screenshots: Landing, Entrance, and Fountain.

Islands[edit | edit source]

Crescana Isle

Crescana Isle Creatures Consumables Resources
Region E5.jpg

Sinkasing Island

Sinkasing Island Creatures Consumables Resources
Region E5.jpg

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