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Ramshackle Sloop
Ramshackle Sloop
Type Ship
Weight Supported 1200
Crew Capacity 5
Mast Number 2
Sail Units 2.0
Deck Level Number 1

Used to craft 0 items
Used to craft 0 items
Crafted in Shipyardsman Shipyardsman
Resources breakdown
225 × Fibers Fibers
75 × Hide Hide
250 × Wood Wood

The Ramshackle sloop is the only ship you can buy at the Shipyardsman. While pricier than a Raft, it does afford more space and better control. Similar to a standard sloop, it comes with one deck, 2 small sails and a steering wheel. Ramshackle Sloops can not be built. You can only purchase one at a freeport vendor and suffers from weaker weight capacity than a standard sloop.

Build info[ | ]

You can purchase the Ramshackle Sloop at the Shipyardsman in freeports.

Additional info[ | ]

General[ | ]

Added in version 10.42

Level increment[ | ]

Additional weight : +100
Adds more maximum weight capacity to the ship, while reducing the weight's effect on speed

Additional Crew : +0.5
Increases the total number of passengers allowed on the ship.

Sturdiness : +2.5%
Reduced ship sinking rate, and reduces rate of offshore item spoiling and character vitals depletion.

Accommodations : +0.5
Adds more beds, improve crew anchored automatic hull repairing speed, and reduces overall crew payment amount.