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Ramming Galley
Ramming Galley.png
Type Ship
Weight Supported 9000
Crew Capacity 18
Mast Number 2
Sail Units 4
Module Points 43
Deck Level Number 2

Crafted in 20x20px Advanced Shipyard
Resources breakdown
2400 × Cotton.png Fibers
18 × Tin.png Metal
2400 × Thatch.png Thatch
3000 × Wood.png Wood

Build info[]

The Ramming Galley is the new modular ship that can be crafted at the Advanced Shipyard with blueprints, and requires a unique Keratinoid resource Rhino Horns.

  • Weapons: 18 Standard Cannons, 2 forward-facing Large Cannons
  • Special Features: Rowers, Ram

Additional info[]

Requires a Patch Kit to repair instead of replaceable plank items.

The Patch Kit is a new item used for repairing the Ramming Galley. It can be crafted in the Smithy after learning the Shipwright skill in the Seamanship tree. To use, approach a damaged part of the Ramming Galley and use the Repair Hammer. Once the repair is complete, the Patch Kit will be consumed and the repaired component will have 1,000 health restored.


Added in version 515.7

Level increment[]

Additional weight : ??
Adds more maximum weight capacity to the ship, while reducing the weight's effect on speed

Additional Crew : ??
Increases the total number of passengers allowed on the ship.

Sturdiness : ??
Reduced ship sinking rate, and reduces the rate of offshore item spoiling and character vitals depletion.

Accommodations : ??
Adds more beds, improve crew anchored automatic hull repairing speed, and reduces overall crew payment amount.

Known Issues[]

  • The Ramming Galley's Railing Gunports and Castles can be damaged, but don't update their meshes to reflect this damage (their HP updates accordingly and they can be repaired)
  • The Ramming Galley's forward-facing Large Cannons are in the Right Station Group by default
  • HP for undamageable parts of the Ramming Galley can be viewed and will always display as 100/100
  • Cannons on top of the Ramming Galley's Front Castle clip through the castle when aiming left and right (this doesn't prevent them from firing)
  • Sail Rigging does not preview correctly when placing sails on the Ramming Galley

Latest Patch notes/changes[]

  • Added 75 Rhino Horns to cost
  • Base speed increased by 40%
  • Increased turn speed while sails are closed
  • Increased damage of all cannons on ship from 100% to 125%
  • Ramming NPC ships with the Ramming Galley now deals damage
  • Players can now swim through some large holes in the Ramming Galley after it sinks
  • Bug Fix: Health is no longer displayed for undamageable parts of the ship including weapons
  • Bug Fix: Demolish option no longer appears for components that have already been demolished after the ship sinks
  • Bug Fix: Ramming Galley can no longer be crafted in the Large Shipyard
  • Bug Fix: Forward-facing Large Cannons are now correctly assigned to the Front Station Group
  • Bug Fix: Oars will now always automatically retract after idling for 10 seconds
  • Bug Fix: Sail rigging now previews correctly when placing new sails