Pork Pie

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Pork Pie
Pork Pie.png
Type Food
Vitamin A Vitamin A.png
Vitamin B Vitamin B.png
Spoils in Inventory 15d
Spoils in Preserving Bag.png Preserving Bag 15d
Stack size 30
Added in v1.0
Spawn Command
cheat GFI PorkPie 1 0 0
Skill Tree Cooking & Farming
Crafted in Cooking Pot.png Cooking Pot
Grill.png Grill
Resources breakdown
3 × Potato.png Potato
1 × Sea Salt.png Salt

While it's called a Pork Pie, the name is mostly just tradition. Peter the Promising, was, as the name suggests, a promising cook who shared his recipes for food that was kind to sailors, far and wide. You can use any meat, but Peter loved pork.

Pork Pie is a consumable item Food in ATLAS. It can be crafted at the Cooking Pot or the grill.