Negative Buff.png
Condition Over Drinked.png

Message: You are drinking too much.

HUD Text: You are drinking too much

Info: Overhydrated is a negative Status Effect given to players when they drink too much.

Effects: You will lose 1 health point per second which could lead to the eventual death of the player.

Vectors: -1 HP per second

Cure: You need to become cold or receive the Hypothermia debuff to reduce your stamina. You can also reduce your stamina by sprinting, dancing/using talents, and attacking. While your stamina regenerates, your water and food will be lowered. When you get the Overheating debuff, your water will deplete faster than normal. Utilize the Forge, Campfire, Torch or Grill to recive the debuff. Finally, fight with Creatures, hit trees/rocks or eat rotten meat to reduce your health and trigger the health regeneration.


  • Investing skill points in Overeating Tolerance will reduce the effects of the debuff.
  • If you drink too much water, milk, cocoa or other drink like ale, you will be damaged from this effect. It is possible you could die if you increase your water high enough, as it will take longer to become optimal again.
  • A Monkey could heal you over time, rendering this effect negligible.