Negative Buff.png
Condition Over Eated.png

Message: You are eating too much

HUD Text: You are eating too much

Info: Overfed is a negative Status Effect given to players when they eat too much.

Effects: You are eating too much, you get hurt every second with 1 Health Point left, eventually you could die

Vectors: -1 HP per second

Cure: You need to get Overheating to get damage or fight with Creatures, hit tree or something else to reduce your health to trigger the health generation. When the health regain you lower your Water and food. When you get the state Overheating your water will reduce too use Forge, Campfire, Torch or Grill to recive the state.


  • * Investing skill points in Overeating Tolerance
  • It is possible you could die if the debuff takes too long.
  • A Monkey could heal you over the time and get you alive for the time you need to lower your food.