This is the documentation page for Module:CargoQuery

This module lets you get around the |no html bug that Cargo has by avoiding |format=template.

To use, preface query arguments with q?. Even if you are only using one table, use |q?tables=. You must specify the template that will handle each row of the query result using |template=. You may additionally specify |intro=, |outro=, |delimiter=, and |default=.

Use Lua names of all query parameters, so |q?join=, |q?groupBy, etc.

For simplicity of code, the named args parameter is required to be Yes, and you do not need to specify it.

Unlike |format=template, this wrapper will NOT rename parameters with underscores in them to use spaces instead.

Parameters & Invocation[]

|q?tables= 	<!-- corresponds to table / tables -->
|q?join= 	<!-- corresponds to join on -->
|q?fields= 	<!-- corresponds to fields -->
|q?where= 	<!-- corresponds to where -->
|q?groupBy= 	<!-- corresponds to group by -->
|q?having= 	<!-- corresponds to having -->
|q?orderBy= 	<!-- corresponds to order by -->
|q?limit= 	<!-- corresponds to limit -->
|template=      <!-- pagename of template (required) -->