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This page will be used to organize all of the info for the modular ships, as they all use different parts from the classic ships and are not fully interchangeable.

To Do[ | ]

  • Ships list
  • Module list, breakdown and costs
  • Ship table and initial setups

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Modular Ships[ | ]

Modular Ships Table stats for common blueprints, higher level blueprints increase module and sail points.
Ship Name Crew Capacity Masts Sail Points Module Points Unique Use
Broadsider Broadsider 48 3 10 48 Pre*equipped with 40 Cannons
Carrack Carrack 30 3 8 24
Cog Cog 8 1 8 6
Harrier Harrier 16 3 8 12 Pre*equipped with a Mortar on the Front Castle
Majestic Kraken Majestic Kraken 30 2 6 40 Requires Kraken*Specific Modules.
Mortar Ship Mortar Ship 14 1 3 16 Pre*equipped with front and rear Mortar cannons.
Pegasus Pegasus 30 2 6 50 Pre*equipped with 6 Tame transport Modules
Ramming Galley Ramming Galley 22 2 4 43 Equipped with a Rowing Module and Ramming Prow
Tramp Freighter Tramp Freighter 8 2 5 12 Pre*equipped with 4 Cargo container Modules.
Turtle Ship Turtle Ship 30 3 4 54 Heavily armored with plates, and a fog*generating dragon figurehead.

Modules List[ | ]

Most of the following modules can be installed on any modular ship if there are enough modular points available.

Modules Table
Item Name GFI
File:General Gunport Module.png General Gunport Module Structure_GunportModule
File:General Rowing Module.png General Rowing Module Structure_RowingModule
File:Tame Cargo Module.png Tame Cargo Module Structure_TameCargoModule
File:Tame Cargo Ship Railing.png Tame Cargo Ship Railing Structure_TameCargoRailing
File:Tame House Module.png Tame House Module Structure_TameHouseModule
File:Dinghy Hangar Ship Railing.png Dinghy Hangar Ship Railing Structure_MidShipSideTileRailingRammingDinghyGeneral
File:Dinghy Hangar Ship Railing (Kraken).png Dinghy Hangar Ship Railing (Kraken) Structure_MidShipSideTileRailingKrakenDinghyGeneral
File:Diving Platform Ship Railing.png Diving Platform Ship Railing Structure_MidShipSideTileRailingRammingDivingGeneral
File:Diving Platform Ship Railing (Kraken).png Diving Platform Ship Railing (Kraken) Structure_MidShipSideTileRailingKrakenDivingGeneral
File:Ship Railing (Kraken).png Ship Railing (Kraken) Structure_MidShipSideTileRailingKrakenGeneral
File:General Tile Module.png General Tile Module Structure_TileModule
File:General Gunport Module.png General Gunport Module Structure_GunportModule
File:Single Gunport Module.png Single Gunport Module Structure_SingleGunportModule
File:Ballista Ship Railing.png Ballista Ship Railing Structure_MidShipSideTileBallistaRailingRammingGeneral
File:Ballista Ship Railing (Kraken).png Ballista Ship Railing (Kraken) Structure_MidShipSideTileBallistaRailingKrakenGeneral
File:Cannon Ship Railing.png Cannon Ship Railing Structure_MidShipSideTileCannonRailingRammingGeneral
File:Cannon Ship Railing (Kraken).png Cannon Ship Railing (Kraken) Structure_MidShipSideTileCannonRailingKrakenGeneral
File:Large Cannon Ship Railing (Kraken).png Large Cannon Ship Railing (Kraken) Structure_MidShipSideTileLargeCannonRailingKrakenGeneral
File:Cargo Rack Ship Railing.png Cargo Rack Ship Railing Structure_MidShipSideTileRailingRammingCargoGeneral
File:Cargo Rack Ship Railing (Kraken).png Cargo Rack Ship Railing (Kraken) Structure_MidShipSideTileRailingKrakenCargoGeneral
File:Catapult Ship Railing.png Catapult Ship Railing Structure_MidShipSideTileCatapultRailingRammingGeneral
File:Catapult Ship Railing (Kraken).png Catapult Ship Railing (Kraken) Structure_MidShipSideTileCatapultRailingKrakenGeneral
File:Swivel Gun Railing (Kraken).png Swivel Gun Railing (Kraken) Structure_MidShipSideTileSwivelRailingKrakenGeneral

Repair[ | ]

Unlike the classic ships, modular ships use a different setup, this requires only carrying the required Repair Hammer and Patch Kit, or Mechanics Hammer and Armor Patch Kit and will restore the ship module to a set health (2,500), these additional repair items can be crafted in the Smithy once the relevant ship building skill and repair skill has been learned.

Patch Notes and Release Info[ | ]

Per the developers the main goal of the new modular ships is to reduce the load on the servers by only tracking a limited number of ship parts vs the classic ships that can have up to a hundred trackable pieces, over their release and development there has been mixed adoption of the new ships listing lack of flexibility and issues with turning and speed, that is adjusted each season to balance them, or the introduction of a new ship/modules to fix a major issue (Tame Module).

New System: Modular Ship Railing Customization The first step of the Modular Ship Customization system allows pathfinders to swap Railing Modules on the Ramming Galley and Majestic Kraken. All Railing Modules can be crafted in the Smithy after learning the required skill. Each type of Railing Module costs a certain number of Module Points to place. Placing a Railing Module will consume points from the ship's Module Point Pool. If a less expensive Railing Module replaces a more costly one, the unused points are made available for use in the ship's Module Point Pool. In future patches, higher quality railing blueprints may be found.

  • A ship must be anchored in order to swap modules
  • Total Module Points
    • Ramming Galley: 43
    • Majestic Kraken: 40

Railing Modules

  • Ship Railing and Ship Railing (Kraken)
    • Standard Railing Module with no additional functionality
    • Health: Undamageable
    • Module Point Cost: 0
    • Required Skill: Intermediate Shipwright
    • Crafting Resources: 100 Wood, 85 Thatch, 50 Fiber
  • Ship Cannon Railing and Ship Cannon Railing (Kraken)
    • Railing Module armed with two standard Cannons
    • Health: 5,000
    • Module Point Cost: 3
    • Required Skill: Gunports
    • Crafting Resources: 150 Wood, 100 Thatch, 70 Fiber, 60 Alloy, 50 Hide
  • Ship Large Cannon Railing and Ship Large Cannon Railing (Kraken)
    • Railing Module armed with one Large Cannon
    • Health: 5,000
    • Module Point Cost: 3
    • Required Skill: Bigger Cannon Studies
    • Crafting Resources: 180 Wood, 85 Thatch, 75 Fiber, 48 Alloy, 35 Hide
  • Ship Ballista Railing and Ship Ballista Railing (Kraken)
    • Railing Module armed with two Ballistas
    • Health: 5,000
    • Module Point Cost: 3
    • Required Skill: Siege Studies
    • Crafting Resources: 550 Wood, 225 Thatch, 250 Fiber, 98 Alloy, 180 Stone
  • Ship Catapult Railing and Ship Catapult Railing (Kraken)
    • Railing Module armed with one Catapult
    • Health: 5,000
    • Module Point Cost: 3
    • Required Skill: Siege Studies
    • Crafting Resources: 500 Wood, 180 Thatch, 50 Fiber, 140 Alloy, 340 Stone, 70 Hide
  • Cargo Rack Ship Railing and Cargo Rack Ship Railing (Kraken)
    • Health: 16,000
    • Module Point Cost: 2
    • Required Skill: Secrets of Building
    • Crafting Resources: 450 Wood, 85 Thatch, 350 Fiber, 68 Metal, 72 Hide
  • Diving Platform Ship Railing and Diving Platform Ship Railing (Kraken)
    • Health: 12,000
    • Module Point Cost: 1
    • Required Skill: Secrets of Piracy
    • Crafting Resources: 360 Wood, 85 Thatch, 190 Fiber, 62 Metal, 46 Hide
  • Dinghy Hangar Ship Railing and Dinghy Hangar Ship Railing (Kraken)
    • Health: 12,000
    • Module Point Cost: 1
    • Required Skill: Dinghy Dock
    • Crafting Resources: 310 Wood, 85 Thatch, 130 Fiber, 14 Metal, 28 Hide

NOTE: Currently, Kraken Railing Modules are only compatible with the Majestic Kraken and Standard Railing Modules are only compatible with the Ramming Galley