Type Structure
Health 150,000
Stack size 1
Added in vV514.3
Spawn Command
cheat GFI Structure_Market 1 0 0
Skill Tree Construction & Mercantilism
Used to craft 0 items
Used to craft 0 items
Crafted in Smithy Smithy
Resources breakdown
220 × Alloy Alloy
180 × Fibers Fibers
100 × Gold Coin Gold Coin
250 × Stone Stone
600 × Thatch Thatch
450 × Wood Wood

Market interface[ | ]

Logs[ | ]

Logs will be present in the top-left panel. If you have the Markets interface open, you can click the "View Logs" button.

Trade Offers[ | ]

Trade Offers will be present on the right panel, it will list all your current offers. To create a new trade offer click on the New Trade button at the top of Trade Offers. A window will popup asking what resources you want to trade for. If you want to trade Jute for any kind of Fiber you select Jute on the left side and then select the first choice in the for section for Fibers which is "Fibers / Resource - Fibers" on the right. This only works though if the other markets your trading with are set up the same way.

Trade Routes[ | ]

Trade Routes will be present on the bottom-left panel, it will list all your current routes.

Each route will display : the position of the market, the status of the route (Pending, Accepted, Denied or Cancelled), the company name, the market name, the income (always 10.00), and the number of ships exchanged.

Markets[ | ]

Markets will be present in the top-left panel. You can see other market by clicking the "Find New Trade Route button. You will have a list of public available market for new route.

Each Market will display : the position of the market, the name of the market, the name of the company, Income (always 10.00), the distance from your market, and the resources available to trade.

Maximizing gold income[ | ]

Trade Routes[ | ]

To maximize gold income you will have to find trade partners that meet 2 requirements:

  1. Each trade will generate the maximum gold per trade (as of 522.3 this is 30 gold).
  2. Your trade partner will need to have compatible trades

This information can be found in the Trade Routes section of the market menu

The Income column will show how much gold is generated per trade. The higher the number, the more gold you get per trade.

The Ships column will populate over time (usually 1-2 hours) as more ships start trading. This is how you can judge the compatibility of trade partners. The more ships you have the higher your income/hr.

Tips and tricks

  • It is not always better to go with a higher-income trade. If you have a trade route with income 30 gold but only 5 ships, your trade partners market is not set up to trade with your market. You will make more profit/hr if you had a 20 gold trade route with 20 ships.

Trade Offers[ | ]

You can use trade offers to get resources delivered to your warehouse without having to manually collect and ship the resources, however, this can impact your gold income.

To maximize gold income, your trade offers should meet 2 requirements:

  1. What you are trading should be stuff you farm plus select stuff we all get through trade (or SWAG)
  2. You should be trading the resources you farm with your farmhouse for the generic equivalent (eg. Copper for Metal) Note: The trade menus generic equivalent does not mean trade copper for generic metal only. It actually means trade copper for any other metal that is on offer from your trade partners, including the generic equivalent.


SWAG are resources that are generated randomly in your warehouse from trading. You need to have active ships (in the trade menu) for the resources to generate. Since it is randomized, there is no guaranteed rate. It can take 24 hrs for a well-set-up market to get all the SWAG.

The list of SWAG only includes tradable items.

All the woods




  • Medium Cannon Balls
  • Gunpowder
  • Charcoal

The Generic Trade:

Generic trading is the act of trading your specific type of wood for any other wood available on the market (offered by your trade partners)

Important: There are very specific SWAG trades that have value. Wood trade SHOULD NOT be set up with SWAG woods you do not farm. If you do this, your SWAG woods will be drained from you warehouse.

Trade offers generic

When starting out, trade all the resources you farm on your island with the generic equivalent (eg.

After a few hours of actively trading, you should be able to set up other offers including SWAG

List of offers using SWAG:

Note: The order is not random. Please follow these trade offers precisely for the best results.

Iridium Ingot for Silver Ingot and Silver Ingot for Iridium Ingot

Diamond for generic gems

Emerald for generic gems

Ruby for generic gems

Tips and tricks

As of patch 522.3, it is no longer possible to set up trade routes for the same resources (eg. 1 iron traded for 1 iron)

You can make a maximum of 20 trade offers. You should always aim to max out your trade offers at all times. They can be updated any time as require.

If you have a good supply of resources you do not farm on your island from someone you're trading with, you can set that resource up for trading

Crafting[ | ]

Requires Skills: Advanced Automation

Known Bugs[ | ]

Deleting a trade will delete the last trade of the list instead of the selected one.

Other issues are currently investigated by the ATLAS dev team.