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Majestic Kraken
Majestic Kraken.png
Type Ship
Weight Supported 9000
Crew Capacity 30
Mast Number 2
Sail Units 6
Module Points 40
Deck Level Number 3

Skill Tree Seamanship
Crafted in 20x20px Advanced Shipyard
Resources breakdown
20000 × Gold Coin.png Gold Coin
5000 × Cotton.png Fiber
5000 × Thatch.png Thatch
6250 × Wood.png Wood
30 × Tin.png Metal

Added in version v522.3

The Ship Salesman's inventory is expanding! His latest offering, the Majestic Kraken, features two rows of Gunports armed with 160% damage Cannons!

  • Max Level: 60
  • Repair Resource: Patch Kit

Build info[]

You can Build the Majestic Kraken with Blueprints in an Advanced Shipyard with Blueprints

Can be modified with different Kracken specific Modules crafted in the Smithy after docking the Ship.

Additional info[]

Requires a Patch Kit to repair instead of replaceable plank items.


Level increment[]

Additional weight : ??
Adds more maximum weight capacity to the ship, while reducing the weight's effect on speed

Additional Crew : ??
Increases the total number of passengers allowed on the ship.

Sturdiness : ??
Reduced ship sinking rate, and reduces the rate of offshore item spoiling and character vitals depletion.

Accommodations : ??
Adds more beds, improve crew anchored automatic hull repairing speed, and reduces overall crew payment amount.