• As of Season 9 12/15/2021 Release
    • New Max Level Cap: 110
    • New Base Max Level (before discoveries): 77

Character Levels[]

As pathfinders adventure across the ATLAS, they will discover new places and will often be required to fight for wealth or survival. In the process of doing so, they will gain Experience (XP). With experience, comes wisdom, skills, and power. As each new level is acquired, pathfinders will receive a small boost to a Stat of their choosing and a number of Skill Points (SP) with which to learn new techniques, abilities and recipes.


Starting in the new starter area Rookie Cove, a pathfinder is limited to a maximum of 8 experience levels. To advance, the pathfinder must leave the safe haven and adventure to more distant places.

Unlocking Levels with Discovery Points[]

Levels 9 to 77 may be achieved by simply earning experience through combat and hunting Treasure. Levels 77 and above, however, are locked. These levels may be progressively unlocked by earning Discovery Points (DP). The two sources of Discovery Points are visiting Discoveries and completing Quests. Unlocking a level does not give any XP, it simply unlocks it. Pathfinders must still adventure to earn sufficient experience.

Level Requirements[]

The following table lists the XP and DP requirements for each level and the number of Skill Points (SP) given with each level.