Kraken's Cove is a map developed by for Atlas and is a 5x5 grid with all end game content and room for further expansion. All information on this sub-wiki is ultimately derived from this map and the work done by the map developers. Feel free to support them and the development of the map on their website. All of the information is provided by the community and as such errors may be present until corrected.

Each grid square links to a region specific wiki page and further breaks down each island and the relevant information.

A1 Kraken's CoveA2 Kraken's CoveA3 Kraken's CoveA4 Kraken's CoveA5 Kraken's CoveB1 Kraken's CoveB2 Kraken's CoveB3 Kraken's CoveB4 Kraken's CoveB5 Kraken's CoveC1 Kraken's CoveC2 Kraken's CoveC3 Kraken's CoveC4 Kraken's CoveC5 Kraken's CoveD1 Kraken's CoveD2 Kraken's CoveD3 Kraken's CoveD4 Kraken's CoveD5 Kraken's CoveE1 Kraken's CoveE2 Kraken's CoveE3 Kraken's CoveE4 Kraken's CoveE5 Kraken's Cove

Kraken's Cove