Journey of The Gods

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This Quest is currently the second Mainline quest and requires the following steps to complete:

First Way

Complete the Voyage of Power quest to obtain 8 power stones from the power stone islands Defeat the Standard mode Kraken - being alive and present inside the circle in H8 when the Kraken is defeated. Collect the 8 Essences from the Trenches in Power Stone Zones, this will require a Submarine to reach the depths

With all 9 power stones and essences, you can now summon the Hard mode Kraken Defeat the Hardmode Kraken

Second Way

Per the patch notes being present when the Hard mode Kraken is defeated will complete the quest.

Completing this grants the following:

  • Absolute Feats Cooldown Time: -40%
  • Access to future quest content.


Completing this quest allows access to the Ice Dungeon as part of the Into the Ice! quest.


Requires confirmation of - Complete the Ghost Hunter quest by defeating the Ghost Ship is part of this quest Vorath99 (talk) 19:00, 31 May 2019 (UTC)