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This Quest is currently the second Mainline quest and requires the following steps to complete:

First Way[]

  • Complete the Voyage of Power quest to obtain 9 power stones from the power stone islands.
  • Defeat the Standard mode Kraken - being alive and present inside the circle in H8 when the Kraken is defeated.
  • Collect the 9 Essences from the Trenches in Power Stone Zones, this will require a Submarine to reach the depths.

  • With all 9 power stones and essences, you can now summon the Hard mode Kraken.
  • Defeat the Hardmode Kraken - be present and alive inside the circle in H8 when the Hardmode Kraken is defeated.

Second Way[]

  • Per the patch notes being present when the Hard mode Kraken is defeated will complete the quest.

Complete Bonus[]

Completing this grants the following:

  • Absolute Feats Cooldown Time: -40%.
  • Access to future quest content.


Completing this quest allows access to the Ice Dungeon as part of the Into the Ice! quest.


Requires confirmation of - Complete the Ghost Hunter quest by defeating the Ghost Ship is part of this quest Vorath99 (talk) 19:00, 31 May 2019 (UTC)