The Pathfinder has a 100% baseline Intelligence. Intelligence above this 100% baseline is used for better results when crafting, faster crafting and lower cooldowns on feats.

Expand Intelligence[]

For Crafting to benefit from Intelligence it needs to be above 100%, this is done by:

  • Investing attribute points in Intelligence.png Intelligence - 4 (%) per Point
  • A shouldered Crow provides 10-60% additive Intelligence (level 45 crow ~ 30%).
  • The Dolphin Buff is 50(%) additive Intelligence.
  • Intelligence Parameter on Armor crafted from Blueprints (up to > 25% per Item (BP), see also Upgrade).

How is it applied[]

Since 100.1 the +x% stat on Bps is back, it has to be tested again, but should apply like Crow.

The formula for Intelligence is:

(100% Baseline Intelligence + x Skilled Intelligence) * SUM( Int multipier from armor) + Crow + Dolphin Buff (Ups 100% Baseline are helpful after all)

For example: A level 50 Character with all attribute points into Intelligence, wearing 5 armorpieces with 10% multiplicative Intelligence each:

(100% Base + 50* 4%)*(1+ 5 * 0,1) =450% Intelligence (, = decimal point) Crow on shoulder and Dolphin Buff would be added to this.

Intelligence for Crafting[]

For the effect of Intelligence on crafting with Blueprints see Crafting Bonus.

Intelligence on Cooldown[]

Cooldown for Improved Nature's Touch with 424% Intelligence ~ 13 Seconds (after Buff fall off).

Cooldown for Improved Nature's Touch with 620% Intelligence ~ 9 Seconds.

Intelligence on Crafting Speed[]

Crafting a Hatchet without Crafting Speed and 424 Intelligence ~6-7 Seconds.

Crafting a Hatchet without Crafting Speed and 620 Intelligence ~5 Seconds.