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Overview[edit | edit source]

Important note: the display on the Sextant.png Sextant buff showing your ship's speed in knots is totally wrong.

During testing on game v208.21 the sextant reported speeds averaging about 10 knots. Testing showed, however, the ship's actual travel as in the following chart:

Distance (m) Time (s) ㎧: KPH: MPH: Knots:
1000 55 18 65 41 35

That was using the in-game map marker system to judge distance. Hopefully it is accurate.

How to perform in-game speed testing:[edit | edit source]

Mark off a racetrack and time the sprint a few times. Then:

  • Make a spreadsheet in your preferred app.
  • Switch this page to visual editing mode by clicking "edit" next to your prefered subheading below.
  • Copy the cells into memory then tap Esc to exit this page's editing mode.
  • Paste the formulas into the section of your spreadsheet starting with cell A1.

Spreadsheet Using Math Formulas[edit | edit source]

Distance (m) Time (s) ㎧: KPH: MPH: Knots:
x x =A2/B2 =C2*3.6 =D2*0.621371 =D2*0.539957

Spreadsheet Using the Convert Function[edit | edit source]

Distance (m) Time (s) ㎧: KPH: MPH: Knots:
x x =A2/B2 =CONVERT(C2,"m/s","km/h") =CONVERT(C2,"m/s","mph") =CONVERT(C2,"m/s","kn")

Thereafter replace the Xs with the race distance in meters and time in seconds and your results will pop right up.

Things to consider[edit | edit source]

  • You can set the decimal format so the output only displays integers to increase readability. (How to in:Excel, Google, OpenOffice.)
  • If you are testing a mount that doesn't start off at full sprint speed, give them some extra distance to get up to speed and start timing as they cross your racetrack's starting line.
  • You can mark your track with Wooden Billboard.png Wooden Billboards, Wooden Sign.png Wooden Signs or Buoy.png Buoys if you like, but placing map markers and activating one while you have a Sextant.png Sextant buff will give you a target icon and a range-to-target reading.

Land Speeds[edit | edit source]

Animal Race Type Dist (m) Secs KPH MPH Knots
NPC Human.png Human* Sprinting 500 51 10 35 22 19
Crab.png Giant Crab Sprinting 500 66 8 27 17 15
Max-Charge Jumps 500 37 14 49 30 26
Giraffe.png Giraffe Sprinting 500 30 17 60 37 32
Grand Tortugar.png Grand Tortugar Sprinting 500 48 10 38 23 20
Horse.png Horse Sprinting 500 34 15 53 33 29
Sprint Jumping 500 28 18 64 40 35
* Without StatusEffects Equilibrium.png Vitamin Equilibrium Boost or stat-enhancing armor.

Swim Speeds[edit | edit source]

Animal Dist (m) Secs KPH MPH Knots
NPC Human.png Human* 100 19.5 5 18 11 10
Crab.png Giant Crab*2 200 52 4 14 9 7
Giraffe.png Giraffe 250 48 5 19 12 10
Grand Tortugar.png Grand Tortugar 100 10.8 9 33 21 18
Horse.png Horse 150 25 6 22 13 12
* With the Link=Advanced Water Swimming Speed Advanced Water Swimming Speed skill but without stat-enhancing armor or a shoulder-mounted Seagull.png Seagull.

*2 Series of consecutive jumps at the surface. Note: testing sprinting on the seafloor was the same speed as on land.

Ship Speeds[edit | edit source]

Ship Sails Wind Wt* Dist (m) Secs KPH MPH Knots Sextant Off by
Galleon.png Galleon 6 Large Heavy / Side 48% 1000 35 29 103 64 56 16.5 kn 70.5% 😒
*Wt=Weight percentage of maximum

The chart above shows the 😱horrific😱 inaccuracy of the on-screen ship speed display when using a Sextant.png Sextant buff.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Wearing a Tier 2 Cargo Harness.png Cargo Harness or a Tier 2 Carriage Saddle.png Tier 2 Carriage Saddle will prevent your tier 2 mount from jumping.
  • Bear.png Bears and Rhino.png Rhinos take some time to reach their top speed. Bumping into anything or falling any distance resets their speed.
  • When deciding what mount is the fastest one for your area, be sure to consider what type of obstacles you see the most.
    • Heftier mounts can knock down trees and Bamboo.png Bamboo.
    • Taller mounts can walk over small obstacles, up short cliffs, manage steep terrain and wade through shallows.
    • Jumping mounts can cross narrow ravines and vault over some obstacles.
  • Remember that the speed of your mount isn't the only speed-related consideration. Safely crossing terrain is faster than speeding quickly to your death.
    • Taller mounts can prevent you from being knocked off them by shorter predators.
    • Certain mounts provide Condition Cold.png Hypothermal Insulation or Condition Hot.png Hyperthermal Insulation while you ride them, perhaps preventing the environment from killing you.