Improved Savior Feat

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Improved Savior Feat
Skill Improved Savior Feat.png
In a pinch, medics have been known to perform miracles.This is one of those miracles.

When activated, an equipped Medkit is consumed entirely, and all nerby allied players are healed for a great amount.

Precondition [[*Advanced Medical Assistant
Cost 12 Skill Points

Improved Savior Feat in ATLAS are Skills learned by players that allow them to heal themselves and others. Those players wishing to craft Medkit.png Medkit and to provide healing support to allies will focus on this Skill Line. Medicine Medicine Skill Line. This Skill Line is unlocked via the Survivalism SurvivalismDiscipline.

Increases the amount by which the Medkit.png Medkit heals.

The Skill Improved Savior Feat unlocks the following items[edit | edit source]


Additionally, it unlocks the following skills[edit | edit source]