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  • New Dungeon area located in the Polar/Arctic Biome B10, E10, and F11
  1. Unlocked after completing the quest - Journey of The Gods
  2. Requires 9 power stones/essences to enter the cave

Boss - Abominable Snowman, Yeti

The Abominable Snowman/Snowman is the new Boss monster located in the Ice Dungeon, accessible after completing the Journey of The Gods quest.

Killing this monster will grant the following:

Abominable Snowman[]

  • Boss fight has a 1 hour Arena timer to complete.
  • Activated lights in the boss arena now power a shield that maintains the Snowman's ice armor. Killing a round of minions will disable the shield, prevent minion spawns for a short duration, and allow the ice armor to receive damage. When minion cooldown is over, shield reactivates. When ice armor reaches 0, Snowman's health can be damaged directly and no more minions will spawn until the next health state.
  • Upon entering each new health state, 1 extra minion will spawn at a time, and an increased amount of minions will be required to be killed for the shield to be deactivated/start minion spawn cooldown. When in the last health state and ice armor is destroyed for the final time, chaos ensues, and minions will continue to spawn until the boss is killed. Progress of minions to kill and ice armor are shown via floating hud.


  • HP - 200000
  • Stamina - 300
  • Melee Damage 100%
  • Food:3000
  • Oxygen:150
  • Weight - 2000


  • Sanctuary of the lost
  • Wreck of the HMS Erebus
  • Not Bigfoot Tribute/Mysterious Creature Statue



  • Locations moved to the Arctic/Polar Seas region.
  • Per Devstream 5/3/2019: May Mega-Update
  • A large subterranean area, that will be added to some islands in the future.
  • Quest locked content upon completing the Voyage of Power quest - see Quests page for known info
  • Contains broken pirate ships/relics/ruins new boss battles/secrets (devs referenced the movie goonies)