Negative Buff.png
Condition Hyperthermia Overheating.png

Message: You are too hot.

HUD Text: You are too hot.

Info: Hyperthermia is a negative Status Effect given to players when they spend too much time in extreme heat. While under this debuff, the player will lose health and water at an accelerated rate.

Effects: While overheating, you will slowly lose health and water.


  • Slightly blurred vision.
  • Increased water drain.
  • Slowed stamina regeneration.

Cure: Remove plate/fur armor, or dive into the ocean for temporary respite.


  • Investing attribute points in Fortitude.png Fortitude will make you more resilient to temperature overall.
  • Dive into water to get wet, temporarily cooling you down.
  • Often, but not always, taking cover in a building can keep you cool enough to avoid this.
  • Stay away from Campfire, Torch or Forge, as these all produce heat.
  • Some tamed Creatures give you a cooling buff, namely Ostrich.