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Hydra Image.jpg
Common Name Hydra
Group Bosses
Diet Carnivorous
Nature Aggressive
Release version Steam.svg v1.0
Tameable Yes
Rideable Yes
Tame type Cheat
Other information
Spawns in Golden Ruins
Rarity Rare

The Hydra is one of the Monsters in ATLAS and one of the two bosses of the Power Stone Islands with the other being the Drake.

Basic Information[]


The hydra will be encountered standing still until it is provoked by a player. It will try to hit you with all its attacks as long as you are in its aggro range. If you leave its aggro range, it'll remain still again.


The Hydra is giant reptilian monster with 5 heads and a pair of sails going down each neck. Every Hydra can spawn in in a different color. It is the second largest land creature in the game only being smaller than Anacthyon and has sails down its back and tail.

Spawn locations (Info from DevKit + GridEditor)[]

Region E5
E5 - NW Island
Region G5
G5 - Main Island
Region E6
E6 - Main Island
Region E7
E7 - Main Island
Region F7
F7 - Main Island
Region G7
G7 - Main Island

Known Information[]


It is suggested that the Hydra laid siege to the inhabitants of the Golden_Age_Ruins and favored the appearance of other mythical creatures you can find on Power Stone Islands.


They can only be found in the Golden Age Ruins and will most typically spawn in around the center of the ruins. The Hydra will not spawn anywhere else on the island unlike the Drake.


2000 Mythos.png Mythos

1 Artifact Key (One per person who are around. Using the key in the cave will unlock the Power Stone and award you with 40 Discovery Points)

Base Stats and Growth[]

Note that all Hydras will naturally spawn in level 150.

Attribute Amount

at level 150

Increase per Point
Health 26000 per head +52000
Stamina 1344 +133
Oxygen 390 +39
Food 8400 +840
Weight 750 +15
Melee Damage 455% +22
Movement Speed N/A N/A
Torpidity 15407 +924
  • Hydra can only be tamed by commands and like any other creature, it will not level up when wild.
  • These are the base stats for naturally spawned Hydras.
  • To learn how to calculate creature stats, visit the page

Movement Speed[]

Movement Type Base Speed Sprinting


Stamina Used
Walking 1500 1681.6799 ?
Swimming 625 N/A ?
  • These are the base stats for the level 150 Hydra movement speed.

Attack Effects[]

Attack Type Effect Description
Fire Breath Enflamed Burns away 20-25% in 10 seconds.
Lightning Breath Electrocuted Prevents movement for 10 seconds
Poison Breath Poisoned Your torpor begins to rise while you are in the area of effect.
Ice Breath Frozen Decreases movement speed.
Darkness Breath N/A N/A


This section describes how to kill a Hydra.

If you're going to do it with bows it will take you forever, best way to do her is with ship and ballista shots, you will need minimum 500 ballista shots if your ballistas are common class, each shot deals 260 hp to her, counting the 5 heads its 100 shots per head( take in mind some shots might fail so to be sure better to use 600 bolts just in case). A better and cheaper choice might be building swivel guns in your ship back and using grape shots on it


The Hydra is a very tricky target to kill and a straightforward approach is not recommended. Its attacks have a large area of effect and could even hit you even if you are taking cover. The Hydra is rather slow and can swim. You must aim at the heads, any hits below the necks will not have any effect.


The best way to kill a Hydra is by perching yourself on high terrain out of the Hydra's reach. From there, you should have with you at least 20 bows and 2000 arrows (they can primitive) and start sniping the Hydra heads. You should plan your attacks carefully because the Hydra can catch you off guard while you're peeking of the edge and the damage it'll do to you and be lethal. It is recommended to attack the heaviest hitting heads like the Fire Head, Ice Head or Lightning Head. You can also kite the Hydra into water and shoot with Ballistas from a ship.

Or just drown it.


Like mentioned previously, make sure you have a lot of bows and arrows with you so you don't run out mid-fight It would be very helpful to have a high stat bow ranging from Legendary to Mythical. Ballistas do more damage than bows or use cannons.


The most dangers aspect of the Hydra are it's long range attacks, if they hit you once, it is most likely that they will kill you and if you are sniping it from high ground, with a miscalculation you can plummet to the ground in if you do not die, the Hydra will immediately aggro against you depending on how close you are to it and this means instant death. It is not recommended to use tames on the Hydra.


The Hydra will take more damage if you aim directly at the head, shooting it in the neck won't do as much damage. Like previously mentioned before, deep water is also a weakness.

NOTE: As mentioned in Strategy it is recommended to have 20 bows and also to have high stat bows, but that does not mean you have to have 20 high stat bows. For example, you can kill a Hydra with only one mythical bow.


  • In Greek Mythology, the Hydra grows two heads every time one is cut off.
  • Many of the mythical creatures found on power stone islands can be tamed after the Mega-Update 1.5 and the Drake has always been tamable but despite all this the Hydra can not be tamed, only through commands.
  • Hydra stats do not change based on what Power Stone Island they spawn in.
  • The Hydra is the only creature in Ark and Atlas that can breath Darkness.
  • Hydras will not spawn in on Drake Power Stone Islands and vice-versa.