Hunting is essential in ATLAS to survive to keep your Vitamin Nutrition up. You will also need it to tame Creatures and to feed your crew members.

Getting Started[]

  • You can collect basic resources by hand like Wood.png Wood and Thatch.png Thatch by punching trees, pick up rocks from the ground by pressing e to collect Stone.png stone, and collect Cotton.png Fiber by picking bushes by pressing e.

Basic Tools[]

You can then use these to craft some tools to make it easier to gather more resources. Some tools have better harvesting efficiency for certain resource types.

As you level up, it is recommended that you spend a few skill points in the Survivalism skill tree to unlock some basic tool blueprints:

  1. You need to spend some skill points on the The Basics to unlock the blueprints to be able to craft some basic stone tools.
  • After killing an animal you can hit the corpse with the Stone Pick.png Stone Pick to get some Animal Meat.png Animal Meat or you can hunt fish in the ocean or ponds, (after killing the fish you can drag it back to the shore by pressing e to grab it, and again to drop it).
  1. Note that many resources can fill as substitutes for resource types (ex: Cotton.png cotton or Jute.png jute are also considered a Cotton.png fiber resource).
  2. Holding h while looking at a resource will show a HUD of what resources come from that resource node.

Beyond the basics[]

Tamed Animals[]

  • If you have tamed an animal, you can also harvest meat and other resources by attacking other animals, but you will need to keep a store of food in the creature's inventory to restore its stamina and health.
  • You can move the Animal Meat.png Animal Meat or food item into the inventory of your tamed creature with f.

Using Food[]

  • While berries and fruit can be consumed directly from your inventory, it is recommended to cook raw meat and fish, as it will fill your hunger bar, but will also damage you.
  • You can cook the food and eat it, or place it into a Food Larder.png Food Larder to preserve it and to feed your crew members.