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Type Ammo
Ammo for Ballista.png Ballista
Ammo used 1
Magazine size 1
Added in v206
Spawn Command
Crafted in Smithy.png Smithy
Resources breakdown
112 × Cotton.png Fibers
28 × Tin.png Metal
46 × Wood.png Wood

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Harpoon is a new ammunition type for the Ballista when mounted on a ship it will let you tether two ships together to slow/delay their escape during the battle

History/PTR[edit | edit source]

Unlocked Via the Artillery Skill - Seige Studies

  • Per Captainslog 28: May Mega-Update
  • Stop your fleeing enemies in their tracks and reel them in with the new Boat Ballista Harpoon! Load up your ballista and fire the projectile. If it successfully attaches you and your target will be unable to move. Reel them in before they destroy the harpoon. You can only successfully harpoon same-or-smaller ship classes.
  • Updated Per Dev Stream 5/3/2019
  • Seen being fired and tethering ships together, and the bolt being destroyed by melee/ranged attacks

Gallery[edit | edit source]