Hand-To-Hand Unlock

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Hand-To-Hand Unlock
Skill Hand-To-Hand Unlock.png
Unlocks Hand-to-Hand Combat Discipline
Precondition Tools Of The Trade
Cost 2 Skill Points

Hand-To-Hand Unlock in ATLAS are Skills which allow the player to fight in melee effectively. Players who wish to focus on fighting will level this Skill Line so they can best anyone in combat. Below is a list of Hand-to-Hand CombatHand-to-Hand Combat Skills in ATLAS. Hand-to-Hand CombatHand-to-Hand Combat is unlocked in the SurvivalismSurvivalismDiscipline.

The Skill Hand-To-Hand Unlock unlocks the following items[edit | edit source]


Additionally, it unlocks the following skills[edit | edit source]

Hand-to-Hand Icon InGame Cost to unlock entire category: 59

Unlocked by Survivalism
Skill Provides Items Unlocked Cost Precondition
Gives Access to Unlock the Hand-To-Hand Discipline 2
Block counter attack time with fists +10% 1
Received torpor -20% 2
Unlock: Power hit 2

Stamina drain with fist weapons -15% 1
Give access to crafting brass knuckles Brass Knuckles.png Brass Knuckles 2
Gives Access to Unlock Melee Weaponry Discipline 3
Received torpor -20% 4
Stamina drain with fist weapons -30% 4

Grants flurry of blows 2
Stamina drain with fist weapons -45% 8
Fist weapon damage +15% 2
Fist weapon damage +15% 4
Fist weapon damage +15% 10
Grant fist power hit 4

Grant feats flurry of blows 4
Skill stat bonuses overall stamina drain -10% 6