Grand Tortugar
Grand tortugar scene1.jpg
Common Name Grand Tortugar
Group Monsters
Diet Omnivorous
Nature Agressive
Release version Steam.svg v206
Tameable Yes
Rideable Yes
Equipment Tier 3 Saddle.png Tier 3 Saddle
Other information
Spawns in Equatorial
Rarity Extremely Rare


The Grand Tortugar.png Grand Tortugar is a shallow-water land animal that lives in equatorial biomes along the coastlines of the new islands introduced in v206 (the name in the patch note started with "giant" but the devs changed it to "grand" at some point).



A Grand Tortugar.png Grand Tortugar makes for nice multi-passenger troop transport. It has high health and it is able to walk over animals as large as elephants without even slowing down. It will, however, cause trample damage against smaller animals, which can be an annoyance.

Another huge advantage of using this creature as a mount in extremely cold environments, such as polar biomes and the deep sea, is that it provides significant Hypothermal Insulation.png Hypothermal Insulation.


Sadly, while it can be good, it is not as great a diving companion as a person might hope. It has limited stamina that won't recover while swimming below the surface and the area of effect of its one underwater attack is very limited and its power is weak. And while its oxygen is quite good for a shallow-water land animal, it is not infinite and needs to be carefully watched when diving.

For example, a 1150-oxygen Grand Tortugar.png Grand Tortugar exploring the seafloor can safely remain underwater for about four minutes with enough time remaining to surface and replenish its oxygen. If diving in the trench, make sure to allow enough extra time to surface from the depth you plan to reach.

Stamina Recovery at Sea[]

To replenish its stamina while at sea, the most efficient method is to set your Grand Tortugar.png Grand Tortugar to passive and make sure it is not following anything and dismount it. This will allow it to rise rapidly to the surface without taking any dangerous detours on the way. Once there, it will only take a few seconds for it to recover its full stamina pool. Then reset it to follow if you need to and dive back to where you were.

Providing it With Underwater Combat Support[]

A well-leveled Grand Tortugar.png Grand Tortugar makes a potent underwater tank. It will bait in aggressive sea creatures that will attack it, which will allow you to then dismount and waylay them with a good Spear Launcher.png Spear Launcher. With its high health and natural armor it can sit and absorb damage for quite awhile.

Speed Testing[]

In-game speed testing shows this creature can cover 100 meters in the water in just 10.8 seconds. So as long as its stamina holds, that works out to 33 KPH, which is 21 MPH, which is 18 knots. - This information is misleading and/or outdated, a test between a ship + sextant buff and a Grand Tortugar yielded results of something between 5 to 6 knots displayed. (A note on the previous note: click here to confirm that 33 KPH is 18 knots. If the animal can still cover 100 meters in 10.8 seconds, then the issue is either with the in-game knots display or with measuring the 100 meters. Requires more testing.)

Land speed came out at 500 meters in 48 seconds. So as long as stamina holds that works out to 38 KPH, which is 23 MPH and is equal to a ship at sea moving at 20 knots.

Relevant Controls[]

  • Left clickControls is a bite attack.
  • Right click Controls opens and closes the shell (when mounted).
  • C Tail swipe attack.
  • E to open the shell and e again to enter the shell (when not mounted).


Grand Tortugar prefers Crustacean Meat, but will accept any of the following for a lower percentage, Vegetables (crop versions), Prime Animal Meat, Wild Vegetables, Animal Meat. To tame it, first damage its health into the red zone on its health bar, then bola and feed. Repeat as necessary.

Here is a table with the best Taming Foods and % with Advanced Taming Proficiency skill.

Taming Food %
Crustacean Meat ?
Marrow 7.3%
Prime Animal Meat 6.9%


What's known so far:

  • They will breed in equatorial biomes.
  • They won't breed in western tropics biome.
  • 31°C (88°F) is too cold to mate. Will mate at 32°C (90°F).
  • Egg will incubate at 21°C (70°F) with 15 torches. At 42°C (108°F) five torches were too few and 10 were enough.
  • Egg incubation takes 1h:45m.
  • Baby eats a Chili.png Chili about maybe every 37-40 seconds.
  • Baby matured 2% in 45 minutes during the July 4 event that said it had "2x breeding" (assuming maturation rate). So perhaps 1% in 45 minutes usually. That would be juvy (10%) in 7h:30m normally if so and 3 days and 3 hours from birth to adult.


  • Added to the game in v206 May: Mega-Update 2019.
  • This creature acts as an armored personnel carrier and is able to carry one rider and 3 passengers inside its carapace.
  • Underwater transport - If inside, reduced player oxygen loss by 90%.

Known Locations[]

You can find Grand Tortugar.png Grand Tortugar in the regions linked in the chart below. Please store specific location information in the pages for the regions where you have found it. (How To Add a Region)

1 A1 C1
2 A2 E2
3 E3
4 E4 F4
5 B5 C5
6 E6
9 I9


  • Renamed to the Giant Tortugar (in-game name is "Grand Tortugar" at least as of v208.21 [screenshot])
  • Seating Capacity reduced to 1 driver and 3 passengers
  • First seen in the v1.5 PTR Update notes on 3/29/2019

Updated Per Dev Stream 5/3/2019[]

  • I found them at Crossmeda Isles E8
  • Art is an Alligator/Snapping Turtle concept
  • Special ability - can extend flaps/carapace to add additional seating 6 slots +1 driver- Armored Troop/Personel Carrier
  • Underwater transport - If inside, reduced oxygen loss by 90%
  • Attacks: Tail swing/Bite attack Omnivorous,
  • Crab meat, meat or veggies. Does not eat berries.


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